Italian Studies

Italian Language I: Beginners

ITA101-102 - Italian Language I: Beginners
Instructor: Roberto Fineschi / Ginevra Failoni

Course description
The objective of the first level course is to introduce the student to the Italian language, covering the basic communicative tools that are useful for everyday interaction in Italy. The course utilizes an integrated communication method that puts the student at the center of the learning process in a cooperative relationship with the teacher. This perspective is based on a principle of negotiation of the course content and the teaching strategies between the teacher and the student. Grammatical theory will be always connected with the practical use of the language. The students will not only be taught the linguistic system, but will also be given strategies and techniques that facilitate the learning process. All of the didactic materials used throughout the course, such as textbooks and multimedia devices, are in Italian. The three week intensive class is taught by a single teacher. During the semester, however, students will have the possibility to experience a joint and multilevel teaching approach: while one instructor will continue with the overall global learning process of the course, there will also be another part taught by a different teacher: the first class will focus on grammar reinforcement and in-depth study (including drills and practical exercises), while the second one will focus on conversation skills. Throughout the semester students will have the opportunity to experience each of these classes, giving them a comprehensive and in-depth study of Italian language.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Contact Hours
Course meets 3 hours daily Monday-Friday during the first 3 weeks, then meets 1 hour Monday-Friday for the remainder of the semester.
Total contact hours: 125. Suggested credits: 6. Course fees: €45

Course Objectives
At the end of the course, the student is expected to have a basic knowledge of Italian, being capable of using current and up-to-date language. Thus, the student will be an active "social actor," able to achieve the communicative goals of studying abroad (including socialization, understanding of the culture) and be confident with the use of the Italian language in the foreign environment in order to fulfil his or her personal and educational objectives.

Course Component
Lectures in class, group work, songs, videos, visits in town.

Gruppo Italiaidea, Italian Espresso 1, Alma, Firenze 2008

Instructors' Contact
Office Hours: by appointment
email: /


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