Liberal Arts

Book Art

Students will have hands-on experience making a scroll, using their own calligraphic and artistic input to complete it.

102 Book Art - Book Art and Bookbinding
Instructor: Piergiorgio Caredio

Instructor's website: Sator Print

Course Description
We begin with a short history of the book, how it evolved from clay tablets, through papyrus to paper. The course will focus on European methods of book-making and we also will explore other traditions for example Japanese and Coptic. Then, we will discuss the historical development of the codex and how it was actually constructed. Working hands-on, we will explore techniques of folding papers, learning about the grain of paper and boards sewing binding with tape, constructing a “case binding” and the design of book covers. We will use a variety of materials both modern and traditional throughout the course, including different types of papers, clothes, leathers, vellum, silk, linen, etc.
The student will be led through the construction of several books during the semester, utilizing different techniques; although the focus of the class is to acquire knowledge of historic book-binding, students are also encouraged to use their imagination to create their own designs and to think of book-binding as an artistic project with limitless possibilities.

Instructor's contact
Office Hours: Weekly, to be arranged with the Instructor


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