Political Science

PS203 - Marx for Today. Re-reading Capital

Course Description

The course introduces the student to Marx's theory of Capital. This classic of critical thought, political theory, and political economy is a key-stone of modern culture and still remains one of the most effective critical analysis of capitalistic society.

Capital vol. 1 in particular is the mature foundation of Marx's understanding of modernity. In this work, he develops classic categories such as commodity-fetishism, class struggle, exploitation, valorization, and others that are still important entry points for the comprehension of the world we live in.

The course is based on the most updated researches on Marxian theory, who had a new start after the publication of the critical edition of his work (Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe). This has shed new light on his entire intellectual production.

Class meets twice a week In each meeting, the first part is dedicated to answer questions and discuss points about the assigned materials. In the second part the teacher introduces new topics and provides materials to be studied for the next meeting.

Course Hours

The course meets twice a week for a total of 45 contact hours. Suggested credits: 3. 

Student Learning Expectations

A deep understanding of Marx’s and marxist theory of capitalism. Critical capacity to outline the structure of a theory. Capacity to use categories out of their original framework for the understanding of contemporary society in a critical way.

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