Jeff Shapiro

2002 - Present: Teaching a course in Creative Writing at the Siena School for Liberal Arts proves to be an ever-evolving, self-renewing adventure.

1996 - Present: I teach Advanced English Conversation at the Università Popolare Senese, Siena, Italy.

2007: Upon request, I organized and conducted a month-long series of intensive ESL seminars at the beginner and intermediate levels for the staff of the Italian Ministry of the Interior (Prefecture), Siena. I have been inscribed in the Ministry of the Interior’s register of language instructors, and am likely to repeat the courses on an annual basis.

2006: Series of Creative Writing seminars for 4th-grade children at the American School, Firenze, Italy.

1993 - 2002: After starting as an English teacher at the Florence-based Scuola 2F, I was promoted to head teacher and then to head of teacher-training and material-development. I taught throughout Tuscany, and conducted ESL teacher-training seminars in Italian cities (including Firenze, Genova, Imperia, San Remo, Torino, Verona, Padova, Como) and in foreign cities (Lugano, Budapest).