Valeria Indice

Despite my degree in law, music is and has always been my true passion.

I began as a jazz singer, then experienced the evolution of my own tastes and interests after joining “I Polifonici Senesi,” a Siena-based chorus devoted primarily to early polyphony.

Pursuing this new direction, I won a scholarship to and took part in a special three-year program at the School of Music in Fiesole, sponsored by the European Community to train singers as all-round musicians (topics studied included vocal technique, individual and choral interpretation, music history, theory, harmony, keyboard technique, and stage arts).

Though I worked professionally in operatic companies following that program, I realized that my particular love rested with earlier musical forms (baroque and pre-baroque). Work with small professional ensembles (such as the Florence-based group L’Homme Armé) has proved tremendously gratifying.

At the Siena School for Liberal Arts, I lead students through a series of seminars as part of their orientation in Siena, exploring together how history, art, literature, architecture, and music combine happily to create this unique city.

Since 2003, when sufficient numbers of musically inclined students attend the school, I teach a course in the history and performance of Italian Madrigals - treasures in an art-form which itself fortuitously unites poetry, music, and even visual arts.