Summer at
Siena School for Liberal Arts

Renaissance Art in Tuscany

This course is an introduction to Renaissance Art in Tuscany and it explores in-depth the historical, political, and cultural evolution of Siena and Florence between the 14th and early 16th centuries. The course will focus attention on the way art evolved in the most important artistic centers of Tuscany and will also emphasize the way that cities' diversities during this period created a range of distinct styles or "schools".

Most classes will be excursion-based.

The program also includes an Italian language course of 25 hours to enrich students’ experience.

Program Structure

Students participate in classes in Art History and Italian through out the week. The Art History course also includes day trips with the Professor to Florence and around Siena to view the plethora of artwork that is part of the cities historical heritage.

Extra Curricular Activities

During the summer months Siena is filled with activity. The Siena School Staff is passionate about informing students on weekly events, such as local concerts, movies, and social gatherings as well as assisting with travel suggestions and reservations.


Students are placed with Italian host families. Part of our main goals is to give students an experience of Italian home life and culture. By living with host families’ students gain vital insight into local cultural practices and life style. We have been working with many of the same host families for 10 years and have complete faith that the experience with the family will be an intrinsic part of the program.

Who can apply?

This program is open to all who have an interest in Art history.

There is no language requirement to attend the program and classes are taught in English.

Program Dates

July 27th - August 14th, 2020

Program Cost

€ 3,500

Application deadline

April 15, 2020


Medieval and Renaissance Art in Siena and Florence (30 hrs)

Italian Language:

Intro Class (20 hrs)

Conversational Italian (10 hrs)

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  • Sustainability Track

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