Covid-19 Prevention Policies

We are grateful that our Province of Siena has been spared the grave impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic which heavily hit other areas of Italy. Nation-wide, Italy has been increasingly successful in controlling the spread of Covid-19, and with the success in "flattening the curve" the national authorities in late April and early May 2020 began the process of gradual re-opening: museums, parks, libraries, churches, stores, salons, and restaurants re-opening to the public while continuing to carefully abide by social distancing guidelines such as the use of masks and maintaining a 1 meter distance in public spaces. On June 3rd the internal EU borders reopened, and additional international border openings are being re-evaluated every two weeks. We continue to closely monitor the situation following the guidance of our local and national authorities.  In our building, we are not currently organizing large public events but we organized summer activities for small groups within our local community such as sustainable gardening and summer arts activities for children, and our fall 2020 semester study-abroad program is underway with a small group of students coming from Greece, Spain, and the US through our partner school the Siena Art Institute

We require incoming students to abide by all travel and testing guidelines which apply to their country of origin and we will help our students to monitor the evolving border restrictions of the Italian government. Students must pledge to be vigilant in following the virus-prevention measures outlined by the WHO as well as specific policies for social distancing imposed by the Region of Tuscany, the city of Siena, and our school (including but not limited to wearing masks indoors when not eating/drinking, maintaining a distance of at least 1 meter from other people at all times, and carefully washing hands frequently.) These rules are important to protect from the possibility of virus contagion not only the individual student, but also their classmates, faculty, and the larger community. Students are also instructed to not travel outside of Italy during SART's programs and to continue to carefully follow covid-19 precautions during any travel within Italy (such as independent weekend activities), both for their own safety as well as the safety of our community.

Study is currently a valid reason for travel into Italy from most countries, including the US, China, Europe, and many other parts of the world. 
Visitors from specific countries including the US and China are currently required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Italy.

The most up-to date information can be found on the website of Italy's Ministry of Health:

A quick survey to determine requirements for travellers can be found at this link:

Please feel free to contact us for further details or if you have any questions. 

Program Coordinator, Roberto Fineschi