EstatinSiena - Summer in Siena

There are so many events taking place in Siena this summer! Follow this link for more info about EstatinSiena (Summer in Siena), great calendar of of cultural events promoted by the Municipality of Siena from June to September!

The program includes events organized by Santa Maria della Scala museum complex, theAccademia ChigianaSiena Jazz and the Higher Institute "Rinaldo Franci"

The many novelties hosted in evocative places, often unknown, and the unmistakable appointments of the Sienese summer make counterpoint to two major international events such as the opening to the public of the Cantiere Maestà and the waiting show Siena between the 1200s and 1400s. The Salini Collection

June 10 - September 10 Cantiere Maestà - Civic Museum

June 15 - September 15 Siena between '200 and' 400. The Salini Collection - Salt Warehouses

June 16-18 Summer Rainbow in Tuscany

June 18 Concert of the "InJaM" Master's - Medici Fortress

June 20 Music Festival. Higher Institute of Musical Studies "Rinaldo Franci"  - Prato S. Agostino / Rozzi Academy

June 20-23 Final Concerts of the Siena Jazz University - UnTubo Jazz Club

June 20 - August 31 Cinema at Medici Fortress

June 21 Music Festival. Higher Insitute of Music Studies "Rinaldo Franci" - Rozzi Theatre

June 23 Baro Drom Orkestar - Cloister of the Basilica of San Francesco

June 24 Ezza - Cloister of the Basilica of San Francesco

June 24 - August 31 FINIS - TERRAE Works by Massimo Lippi - Medici Fortress

June 28 - July 23 Cathedrals, horses and knights Works by Carlo Sassi - Palazzo Patrizi

7 July Final Concert Chigiana Award 2017 - Rinnovati Theatre

8 July "Siena Jazz University Orchestra" - Piazza Provenzano / Fanfara Station - Cloister of Basilica of San Francesco

July 9 "Jam session in contrada " - University of Siena

July 10 "Jam session in contrada" - Contrada di Valdimontone

July 11 "Jam session in contrada" -  Contrada della Selva

July 11 - Peppe Voltarelli sings Profazio - Cloister of the Basilica of San Francesco

July 12 Trio Tre Voci - Chigiana Academy

Jyuly 12  "Jam session in contrada" - Contrada della Chiocciola

July 13 - 14 "Jam session in contrada" - Contrada della Lupa

July 16 Dance University: Final Ceremony of Intensive Summer School - Rinnovati Theatre

July 18 Concert Tribute to Salvatore Sciarrino for his 70th birthday - Chigiana Academy

July 24 Discoverland - Courtyard of the Podestà

July 24 Tribute to Giovanni Salviucci - Chigiana Aacdemy

July 24 - Opening Concert of Siena Jazz Summer International Seminars - Piazza Provenzano

July 25-26 "Siena Jazz Master" - Piazza Provenzano

July 26 Federico Fiumani - Courtyard of the Podestà

July 26 Boris Belkin / Orchestra of Tuscany - Rozzi Theatre

July 27 "Jam session in contrada" - Contrada del Drago

July - August 20 A Life Between Painters by Cesare Olmastroni - Palazzo Patrizi

July 28 "Jam session in contrada" - Contrada Sovrana dell'Irstrice

July 29 "Jam session in contrada" - Contrada Capitana dell'Onda

July 30-31 Concerts of the Siena Jazz courses - Contrada della Lupa

August 1-2 "Siena Jazz Master" - Piazza Provenzano

August 2 Concert of the percussion course - Church of Sant'Agostino

August 3 Chigiana meets Siena Jazz - Piazza Provenzano

August 4 Boris Belkin Lilya Zilberstein - Church of S. Agostino

August 4 - "Jam session in contrada" - Contrada di Valdimontone

August 5 The Hazel Project - Piazza Provenzano

August 5 "Jam session in the district" Society - Nobil Contrada del Bruco

August 6 In Nomine Lucis - Cathedral of Siena

August 6-7 Concerts of the Siena Jazz Courses - "Società Castelsenio" Contrada della Tartuca

August 10 Concert of the Orchestra Direction Course - Rozzi Theatre

August 10 - Goblets of stars - Civic Museum

August 15 Mangia Prize - Rozzi Theatre

August 23 Lucio Corsi - Courtyard of the Podestà

August 24 Eliot Fisk - Palazzo Chigi Saracini

August 24 - September 4 - Approaching Works by Fabio Mazzieri - Palazzo Patrizi

September 1 Vittorio Sgarbi. Michelangelo - Medici Fortress

September 9-20 Short Sea Trips by Laura Tondi - Palazzo Patrizi

September 12 "No Voice In A Summer in West Berlin" - Courtyard and Garden of Palazzo Sergardi

September 15 - October 15 PAT - Architecture Prize of Tuscany - Medici Fortress

September 16-17 In the Old Farm - Medici Fortress

September 18 "Poetry and Revolution. My Favorite Poets of 900: Majakovskij and Esenin - Palazzo di San Galgano

September 21 "Ruby Sings Negra. A Homage to Mercedes Sosa" - University of Siena

September 22 - October 3 Greenland. The land of infinite blue silence. Works by Inge Lise Rasmussen - Palazzo Patrizi

September 22-24 World Tourism Unesco - Santa Maria della Scala museum complex

September 22 Conference at the Academy of the Rozzi

September 23 Opera Performance "Tribute to Ettore Bastianini" - Rinnovati Thatre

September 29 Bright. The Night of Researchers

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