The Anniversary of the Liberation of Italy

Here in Italy, April 25th is a national holiday. Today we celebrate the anniversary of the Liberation of Italy from Nazifascism in 1945. Schools are closed, parades are organized, and people are in the streets. 

However, the history of this day is much more complex than a foreigner might expect. April 25th itself is the agreed upon date that celebrates the complete defeat of the fascist regime in northern Italy, beginning from Bologna (April 21st), through Genoa (April 23rd), Milan and Turin (April 25th), and Venice (April 28th), and ultimately led to the execution of Benito Mussolini and the creation of the Italian Republic. It also brought an end to the conflict that is now termed as the Italian Civil War. From date the Armistice of Cassibile, September 8th 1943, there were the birth of many partisan groups. For two years partisan groups fought a guerrilla war against the fascist regime, sometimes aided by the Allied forces. Even today the repercussions from this confused time of violence and tragedy are still felt. 

Regardless of the past, April 25th is a day of remembrance and unity across the diverse political landscape of Italy. Below you'll find some images from the Piazza del Campo, here in Siena.