Waiting for the New Year's Eve

The rich lunches and dinners of Christmas time with the family are just over and another big celebration is waiting for us. A few days left and we’ll be in 2017!

Italy is not a big country but regions, villages and cities have different – and bizarre – traditions to celebrate the New Year. For example, in some places it is common to break a dish or a glass throwing it out of the window. It symbolizes the removal of bad things of the past year. Another tradition, this one is common all over Italy, is eating lentils during the eve because we say that lentils bring money. Still talking about food, it is also typical eating 12 grapes on the 12 seconds before the midnight. We think that these 12 grapes symbolize the 12 months and bring good luck.

The celebration of the New Year's Eve in Siena will be a lot of fun. From the evening of December, the 31st until the afternoon of January, the 1st the main square will be transformed in a dance floor. On the stage of the beautiful Piazza del Campo, many local bands will play Rock'n Roll, Swing, Jazz, Blues and Folk music and will celebrate with all the people there.

Greetings from Chiara and the Siena School staff!

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Siena Town Hall official website