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First Field Trip of the Fall 2017 Semester!

Our first field trip of the year has already come! A couple weekends ago, we spent the day in Montepulciano and Castiglione del Lago, taking in the jaw-dropping scenery and hearing some fun historical facts about the places.

I didn’t get to Montepulciano during my own study abroad, so I enjoyed exploring the quiet little town near Siena. It was a long, steep trek up a hill to get to the heart of the town, but the views made it worth it.

We had some free time after our initial introduction to the place, so we dispersed to walk around on our own, finding cute little shops and more stunning overlooks. When we regrouped, we made one last stop to check out an old wine cellar that had formerly been an Etruscan tomb.

Then we were on our way to Castiglione del Lago, another cute town overlooking the beautiful, blue Lago Trasimeno. I had been there on my study abroad, and it was definitely one of the highlights. We first looked at a Picasso exhibit, then we walked through a narrow tunnel out to an old castle on the lake. If you’re scared of heights, it can feel a little nerve-wracking to walk along the narrow path, high above the water, that takes you around the castle, but it’s worth it. It’s truly one of the most incredible places I’ve seen. Here students Oriana, Mae-Chu, Lisa, Chloe, Katie, Alkis, and Mia enjoy the sights:

Some of the students went up to the top of the tower to get an even higher viewpoint of the area. After this, we went out of the town and down to the shores of the lake itself. Some walked in the water a bit, since it was a nice day, and many of the others gathered for a game of beach volleyball! I had fun watching the events.

What I love about the fieldtrips here is that you get to see places you probably wouldn’t see—or wouldn’t even know to see—on your own. It’s a rite of passage, of course, to explore the touristy areas like Rome and Venice and Florence, but it’s a special privilege to see these unique, quieter corners of Italy.

Alex Wendt

Siena School intern