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Friends from Home

One of my best friends from Wellesley is also studying abroad this semester, in Dublin. She had a two-week spring break, and she spent part of it travelling to Italy and visiting me! She flew into Milan from Barcelona, so I took the train from Florence and met her there. I had never been to Milan, and it was an amazing city. We stayed in a great Airbnb that was a short tram ride from the historical center of the city. It was fun to experience such a big and bustling area after having been in Siena for a while at that point.

It was so fun to see a friend from home! We visited the Duomo in Milan, and other typical touristy things to do when you go there. And of course, we did a lot of shopping. Unfortunately, it rained a lot while we were there, but we still had an amazing time exploring the city. On Sunday of the weekend, we took the train together back to Florence, and I showed her around Florence for a couple of hours before we got on the bus back to Siena. I had been to Florence a few times before, so I showed her all of my favorite spots and we at an amazing lunch at the Mercato Centrale. 

My friend absolutely loved Siena. She even came to Italian and Food Anthropology classes with me on Monday of the week she was here. She goes to a very big university in Dublin, so she really liked being able to experience the small classes that I am in at the Siena School for a day. On Monday night after school, we went for a run, so I could show her all of the best sights in Siena. On Tuesday she had to leave to head back to Dublin, but it was an amazing part of my study abroad experience to be able to connect with a friend from home.

Abby Smith

Siena School for Liberal Arts student