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Multicultural Crossings

Everyone in the program decided to have a Greek themed night where everyone from Greece made traditional food and we listened to Greek music and all hung out together. It was such a fun time not only because we got to hang out together but because it was a little peek into another culture that we get to learn about on top of learning about Italian culture.

We had our main chief who loves to cook at home and then some others became the su chefs. The kitchen was hectic at times with three burners going at once, and then calm when we had to wait for the whole thing to bake in the oven. In the other room the rest of us were listening to Greek music and learning a Greek dance about being depressed with no food, which apparently is a classic dance in Greece. People were laughing and drinking and all around having a wonderful time.

This was such a good way for multicultural crossings to happen because we were learning from our peers and connecting on a basic level--food. When we sat down to finally eat, late in the night, I was blown away with how good it was and at the same time just how much this little community has taught me already. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that cultures can have so many elements connected with your own culture. Meeting all these new people from different places, as someone who has never even been outside of the Northeast America, is pretty crazy.

I always imagine learning about cultures in a classroom, but that is the most unnatural way to go about it. Actually experiencing them with people and going places to see how individuals live is the best way to understand it. I am so grateful I get to immerse myself in Italian culture and learn in specific ways how people live. I can’t wait to learn more about this wonderful place I am in with these great people I’ve already become so close with.

Chloe Martin-Poteet

Siena School student