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Studying While Traveling

Traveling to different cities is one of the great things about studying in Italy, because each city is very unique. This past weekend the Art History class got to visit Florence. Being in the presence of the art we are learning about, makes this Art History class more memorable and enjoyable than any other Art History class I have taken before. It was amazing to be able to see two of the most famous “David” sculptures one by Michelangelo and the other by Donatello. There were many other fantastic works of art that we admired.

When in Florence we were able to learn about the masterpieces we were standing in front of. We also got to experience the city. We saw David and the Duomo, bought wine off of a cart pulled by oxen, walked across the Ponte Vecchio, and of course ate gelato.

Florence and the other cities we visit are always exciting, but at the end of the day, we are all glad to be living in beautiful Siena.

Krista Menzel - Liberal Arts - Fall Semester 2014