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Texas or Tuscany?

If I said that last night we ate BBQ, wore cowboy hats, danced to a country rock band while watching folks ride a mechanical bull you might guess we were back in Austin Texas right?

What if I told you that we were right outside of Siena? 


About 17 kilometers from Siena you will find Vescovado di Murlo. Last night they hosted their 4thannual Cena Western. (Western Dinner)

The organizers of the event did a great job. When we called to make reservations we were told attendees must wear something western. We enjoyed the attention to the western themed details, such as the hay bales, and saloon style bar complete with chips and salsa!

We filed into the dining tent, sat down at long tables family style. We were served charcoal grilled chicken, sausages, and spicy white beans! Ok so it was not exactly BBQ per say, but considering we are approx. 5,776 miles from Austin Texas, we were pleased.

Ceaser- singer and keyboard player for local band called The Shakers

There was plenty of boot scootin’ on the dance floor with live music from “The Shakers’. They played a great selection of Country and American rock covers from the 50’s and 60’s.

Toro Meccanico in action!

The main attraction was the mechanical bull. Advertised as ‘toro meccanico’. The dinner ticket included one free ride. This was a family event, and most everyone lined up to ride the bull, young and old alike. The bull went easy on the little ones, and it was all in good fun when some of the adults got aboard the bull!

We really enjoyed a night of Texas in Tuscany!

Ciao Y’all

Deborah Larsen, cultural studies, Spring 2015