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The Best Experience

I m Celia, a 19 year old Spanish girl completing my Erasmus at Siena School For Liberal Arts. I am currently working within communications where I help manage social media, graphic design and the school blog. I photograph student activities while following along their journeys and art projects for 3 months.

The “Erasmus” is a program that promotes student exchange between European universities. Erasmus isn't only an academic exchange, but a vital experience where it is possible to meet new people and trade cultures with other students.

If someone would’ve told me four years ago that I would be returning to Siena, I wouldn’t believe them. But I have returned to this magical city where each picture that I take is more beautiful than the last.

So here I am completing my Erasmus, surrounded by new friends, living new experiences, learning new cultures, and opening my mind up to new inspirations that as an artist, will help with my growth.

I know that these three months are going to be really short and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Siena, but I know this is a unique experience that I will never forget.


Siena School for Liberal Arts