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Top 5 Things to Bring With You in Siena

I have only been in Siena, Italy for a short while, but I am already growing accustomed to the wonderfully slower pace of life. Time is different in Siena. The city itself has aged gracefully, and I can only assume that Siena will get even better with age. I have already learned more that I could have imagined about the rich Sienese lifestyle. The people, the food, and the surroundings are the greatest aspects of the city, and getting to discover all of these things is so exciting.

Whether you are planning a trip right now, or daydreaming about traveling to Siena in the future, there are a few important things that will make your time in this city a perfectly positive experience. These are things that I am quite pleased I brought with me, and my friends and I agree that every Sienese adventure should include:

Good walking shoes!

Every single shoe you bring should be a good walking shoe. Keep in mind that you will want a variety of footwear, but each shoe you pack has to be comfortable for at least a two mile walk.


A scarf is a good way to dress up an outfit among the stylish Italian crowd. Scarves are light items to pack, and a scarf is an easy layer to take on or off depending on how the weather changes during the day. You can also use scarves to cover up when you go into churches.

A water bottle!

Don’t forget your favorite water bottle! All of the walking and exploring you will be doing everyday will make you thirsty. Staying hydrated is healthy, plus you will save money on not buying drinks everyday.


Most people in Italy do not snack, but the one thing I have missed since moving here is snacking. Having a little something to eat between meals will help you transition to eating dinner at 8 o’clock. If you bring some small snacks with you, you can use it on your first few days in Siena while you pick your favorite place to grocery shop. Also it will make layovers in the airport more bearable!

A good backpack!

This is so important. Your backpack should be comfortable and big enough to fit your books, laptop, lunch, umbrella, jacket, etc. Usually, you will be carrying everything that you will need all day, with you all day. This bag is also quite useful to take on weekend trips. Another nice quality of backpacks is that they keep your hands free for taking photos and eating tons of gelato!

These are all smart decisions to make, but the best decision of all is deciding to study at the Siena School for Liberal Arts!  

Hannah Delphine Ayers - Liberal Arts - Fall Semester 2014