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Traveling in Italy

As a study abroad student, you can’t choose a better place than Italy, as there are so many beautiful places to visit that you don’t even need to hop on a plane for. This is both cost and time efficient.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Abby and I decided to explore Naples and Pompeii. We were able to organize fairly inexpensive bus tickets and a well-located Airbnb and so we set off to the South of Italy. After an uneventful six-hour bus ride we arrived in Naples and were incredibly fortunate to find our Airbnb located so close to the bus and central train station. Following our arrival, we set out to explore Naples a little bit and find a famous pizza place that came highly recommended. That evening we had dinner at Pizzeria Da Michele, known for being featured in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, which definitely lived up to its name.

The next day, we traveled to Pompeii by train and upon arrival were blown away by its incredible beauty. We decided to venture through the ancient city without guide or map and were able to get lost in its incredible beauty. We first wandered through the amphitheater and went on to explore the rest of the impeccably preserved city, once ravaged by Mount Vesuvius. Having strolled around for over two hours, our legs started to feel heavy and we embarked on a train ride home, filled with a beautiful ocean view and the occasional sighting of beaming orange and lemon trees.

On our final day, we set off to explore Naples quite a bit more. We were able to see a towering castle and walk right up to the waterfront. Also, we were able to walk through a shopping district with beautiful buildings that served as visual evidence of the Spanish influence in the South of Italy. For lunch we went to Pizzeria Trianon, known for its use of organic ingredients. Again, this pizza tasted impeccable and the venue is highly recommended. We ended our trip by grabbing some gelato before our bus ride back where we greeted back in picturesque Siena by unexpected snowfall.

Zelda Bank

Siena School for Liberal Arts student