Summer at
Siena School for Liberal Arts

Intensive Italian & Cultural Studies

Course Description:

The 4-week Intensive Italian program is open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. This program looks to expand students’ knowledge of the Italian language and culture through a variety of activities and approaches. It consists of intensive language classes (grammar and conversation), combined with a discussion-based introduction to various aspects of Italian culture.

Since students live in Italian home-stays, the culture component of the course will expect students to use their homes as a discussion area, keeping a daily journal and bringing all their observations to class.

Learning Italian language and Italian culture while in Italy is a great way to begin or continue studying Italian. This summer intensive program offers students a chance to experience what it is like to learn and live abroad. Environment plays an important role in how we  learn and our program gives you the chance to immerse yourself daily in the best of Italy!

Program Structure

The course consists of daily Italian classes, focusing on grammar and conversation, and Culture class. The culture class, held in the afternoon, is designed to engage students with their surroundings through discussions, readings, films, and mini excursions with the professor or staff.

Extra Curricular Activities

Siena is an engaging city year-round, especially in the summer time, with a range of interesting, enjoyable activities open to you. Music, art, cinema, sports, volunteering, cooking, & outdoor recreation are just some of the many ways our students get involved in the local community. The Siena School Staff is passionate about informing students on weekly events, such as local concerts, movies, and social gatherings as well as assisting with travel suggestions and reservations.


Students are placed with Italian host families. The home stay is an important part of the program and many in-class discussions will be based on experience in the host-family. By living with a host family, students gain vital insight into local cultural practices and lifestyles.

We have been working with many of the same host families for 10 years and feel confident that the experience with the family will be an intrinsic part of the program.

Who can apply?

This program is open to all who have an interest in Italian language and Cultural Studies. There is no previous language requirement necessary to attend the program. Students will be evaluated on arrival and placed into the appropriate group, i.e beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Program Cost €2,700


Italian Language I: Beginners (70 hrs)

Italian Language II: Intermediate (70 hrs)

Italian Language III: Advanced (70 hrs)

Italian Culture: Italian Cultural Studies (35 hrs)

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