About Siena School

About Siena School

Identities, boundaries and social crossroads

The Siena School for Liberal Arts is a cultural institute which is committed to running semester and summer study abroad programs where our students become a vital part of our ongoing cultural and social work. It offers a unique study abroad experience in one of the oldest and most beautiful university towns in Italy.
We are also the only school in Europe to offer deaf studies and sign language as part of its semester and summer curriculum.

At the Siena School we offer a wide range of exciting and innovative courses, taught in English and Italian, in a variety of disciplines - Italian Studies and Humanities; Deaf Studies; Sustainability Track; Liberal Arts - as well as wonderful opportunities in Community Service and a variety of Extracurricular Activities.

All of our classes are small and we guarantee a high degree of interaction between teachers and students. We offer our students the possibility of enrolling in a series of more traditional, lecture-based courses or of experiencing Community-Based Learning in our Internship Program in Art and/or Social Work. Students involved in our Sustainability Track have opportunities to partecipate in internship working on in local Farm, Restaurant or in journalism related to Sustainability.

Our Service Learning component aims to engage our students further with the community in Siena. We are involved in many English enrichment programs with elementary students, a local soupkitchen and foodbank, and a local nursing home. We encourage our students to be as independent as possible and we are very open to students own interests. If there is anything that our students wish we will do our best in finding new and available opportunities.

Through the Siena School you will go beyond merely observing the life of this beautiful city; you will be drawn into dialogue with the environment that surrounds you. Our classes provide the instruments and insight you need to make a connection and leave a mark, be it through what you say, write, create or perform. In this way you are not a mere visitor, but a real contributor to the life of the city. Studying at the Siena School means listening to all that Italy has to offer and giving back to our city as you become a contributing part of it.