Meeting Master Stone-Carver Emilio Frati

Our students from the Siena School for Liberal Arts and the Siena Art Institute were able to explore the Tempo Zulu stones with our instructor Bernardo Giorgi, contemporary interventions within the streets...

Our Sustainable Garden in Bloom!

Spring 2020 has arrived to our school garden!  It is really exciting to see the flowers growing and the bees buzzing, thanks to the hard work of our instructor Bernardo Giorgi!


Working remotely in the coronavirus "lock-down"

The entire country of Italy is currently in a national “lock-down” to help lessen the spread of the coronavirus.  Our building is closed until April 3 as required by this national mandate, but our work a... read more

COVID-19: Info & Resources for our students & community

At the Siena Art Institute (SART) & Siena School for Liberal Arts (SSLA), we are committed to ensuring the health & safety of all of our students and community members. This page provides latest information... read more