Student Interview

This is a new segment of interviews with the students of Siena School for Liberal Arts. Our interns sat down with students individually and created a question and answer format conversation about their...

Autumn Cooking

Autumn is maybe the most exciting time to cook in Tuscany!   There are all kinds of fall treats like freshly-pressed olive oil, roasted chestnuts, "novello" wine, and different kinds of squash that you ...

A Difficult Past

Remembering a Difficult Past   Liliana Segre, Italian Senator for Life   Never before have I used the Teachers’ Blog to explore politics, but the autumn months of the present year mark noteworthy ann...


Inaugurazione Go to App

DIGITAL RENAISSANCE: I GIOVANI ARTISTI RILEGGONO I MUSEI SENESI IN CHIAVE CONTEMPORANEA Quattro artisti e una curatrice under 35, una residenza nelle Crete, il confronto e il dialogo con la comunità ... read more

Go To App - Digital Renaissance: i vincitori

Sono Adriana Amoruso, Giammarco Cugusi, Gabriele Dini e Claudia Ponzi i quattro giovani artisti Under 35 che si sono aggiudicati una residenza artistica nella provincia di Siena per realizzare una rilettura... read more