Covid-19 Prevention Policies

We require incoming students to abide by all travel and testing guidelines which apply to their country of origin and we will help our students to monitor the evolving border restrictions of the Italian...

#DeafMuseums Project Underway

The aim of the European project Deaf Museums Project is to enhance and preserve the cultural and historical heritage of the deaf community to make known and understood the culture, life, the world of deaf...

Corso estivo ASL 2021

Vuoi imparare l’American Sign Language o vuoi perfezionare la lingua? Quest’anno Siena School for Liberal Arts propone un’edizione online dei corsi dedicati alla Asl, American Sign Language. È la ver...


Spring 2021 Garden Updates

Spring has sprung in our garden! There are lots of flowers blooming and plants sprouting. We had a set-back with a repair needed for the acqueduct tube which passes beneath our garden and required digging... read more

Extended Deadline & Calendar Updates for Fall 2021

Due to uncertainties for international travel amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to shift the calendar of our Fall 2021 semester at the Siena School for Liberal Arts and our partner pro... read more