Covid-19 Prevention Policies

We are grateful that our Province of Siena has been spared the grave impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic which heavily hit other areas of Italy. Nation-wide, Italy has been increasingly successful in controlling...

Planting our winter garden

We've been working under the guidance of our faculty member Bernardo Giorgi to plant winter crops in our garden following sustainable permaculture practices.  Our plants include leeks, cabbages, broccoli, ...

#DeafMuseums Project Underway

The aim of the European project Deaf Museums Project is to enhance and preserve the cultural and historical heritage of the deaf community to make known and understood the culture, life, the world of deaf...


Sustainable winter garden updates

Although the temps are getting below zero at night our sustainable garden is still thriving, with hearty plants and the help of our greenhouse and covering plant beds! With a hard-working team led by... read more

#SportSign LIS Project

What are we working on together with Valeria Giura? Stay tuned to find out! We can give you a hint: these are videos made within #SportSign, a European project to facilitate communication with Deaf people... read more