Make payments

Make payments

Payment Methods.

1. PayPalYou may pay for program fees by PayPal. All PayPal payments include a 4% non-refundable processing fee charged by PayPal. Here some direct link to our most common payments:

Application fee: €40 (+€2 for PayPal fees). This is a donation to a non profit association we support, the Mason Perkins Deafness Fund

Semester deposit: €600 (+24 for PayPal fees)

Summer program deposit: €500 (+€20 for PayPal fees) 

Official Transcript (hard-copy): 20 (+€2 for PayPal fees)

Official Transcript (pdf): 15 (+€2 for PayPal fees)

Apartment deposit: €100 (returned at the end of the program after chek-out, if there is no issue)

2. Wire transfer. Installments being paid by wire transfer (Bank fees not included) to: 

Name   ISLA srl
IBAN   IT81O0103014216 0000631701 27
Bank Name   Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Bank Address   Piazza Tolomei, 53100 Siena, Italy
Account Number   631701,27
Bank Code ABI   01030
Bank Code ABI   14216

Please remember that: a) You must declare the name of the student on the wire transfer, otherwise the school has no way of checking what is coming from whom; b) Bank expenses must not affect the total amount due to the school.

If the school receives less than the stated amount, we reserve the right to collect the difference when the student arrives in Siena.

3. Cash. You can bring the amount to Siena in:

  • ATM cards (i.e. check cards or debit cards. You can use them here to take out money)
  • Cash (in Euros)
  • Traveler’s Checks (in Euros)
  • Traveler’s Checks (in Dollars exchange for Euros)

We strongly suggest using your ATM card to withdraw the money at a bank in Siena. This will avoid any exchange rate fluctuation and you will not have to pay the bank fees charged to change money and/or the fees for cashing traveler’s checks. We recommend that you:

  • check with the bank associated with the ATM card to know your daily withdrawal limit, and if it is possible to raise it so that you can withdraw the entire amount of the second installment all at once;
  • let them know that you are going to be abroad and will be using the ATM card to withdraw money (so that they do not block it as a security measure).

A member of the Siena School staff will come with you to the bank and will assist you with the process.

If you decide to bring the money in traveler’s checks, be aware that the bank charges you a fee on each check cashed, plus a percentage on the amount of each check. Therefore, plan in advance to get traveller’s checks in the highest denomination possible. Fees applied by the bank and any fluctuation of the exchange rate must not affect the amount in Euros due to the School.

Payment Plans.

The Siena School is very attentive to financial matters that may impede students from coming abroad. Should you be under severe financial constraint, it may be possible to create a personalized method or plan of payment. Contact our administrative office at to explain your situation.