Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

Students with a true passion for Art, Art History, and Cultural Studies will appreciate our Liberal Arts Track.

Liberal Arts Track from Siena School for Liberal Arts on Vimeo.

It is impossible to study Liberal Arts without appreciating Italy’s profound influence upon the development of Western culture.

Any student with a true passion for Art History, Studio Art, Humanities stands only to benefit from the direct experience of spending time in our country, breathing in the atmosphere of a nation shaped by the interplay of art and culture.

And what better place than in Tuscany and Siena?

These extraordinary locations are home to an inexhaustible wealth of cultural treasures. This is why we created the Liberal Arts Track which combines Italian Language with a great variety of classes and independent study options.

Choose three core courses from the following:

  1. Art History 1: Medieval & Renaissance Art in Siena & Florence
  2. Crossculture: Contemporary Italy. An Introduction
  3. Creative Writing (In Fall semester, this class has an extra fee of €350 to be added on the regular tuition.)
  4. Drawing
  5. Photography (In Spring semester, this class has an extra fee of €350 to be added on the regular tuition.)
  6. Sustainability and Food

With an additional fee of €650 each:

  1. Art Restoration
  2. Book Art
  3. Ceramics
  4. Painting
  5. Silversmithing

With an additional fee of €1200 each:

  1. Art History 2: Iconology and Iconography
  2. Deaf Studies: Italian Deaf Culture and History
  3. History and Theory of Museums
  4. Italian Literature I/Italian Literature II
  5. Italian Political Thought

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