Why study in Siena?

Why study in Siena?

The Siena School Building is located in Castelvecchio, a beautiful, central medieval neighborhood near the Cathedral and Piazza del Campo.

The school is housed on the top floor of the Istituto Pendola, a beautiful Medieval building restored in the 19th-century and originally set up to house one of the most famous residential Schools for the Deaf in Europe. Our recently renovated facilities include modern classrooms with a/v equipment, a spacious, luminous fine arts studio, a darkroom, a library, modern restrooms, student lounge and kitchen.

Thanks to our location, we enjoy stunning views of ancient Siena below us and the verdant Tuscan countryside beyond the city gates.

The Istituto Pendola

The School for the Deaf was founded by father Tommaso Pendola in 1836 as part of a series of initiatives aimed at catering to the needs of the most disadvantaged in society.

Stanislao Grottanelli de Santi – ancestor of Miriam Grottanelli de Santi, the Director and founder of Siena School for Liberal Arts – was Pendola’s friend and became instrumental in the founding of the School. 

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