Summer at
Siena School for Liberal Arts

Summer at
Siena School for Liberal Arts

In summertime the scenery of Siena and the surrounding province come alive with colors, fragrances, and spectacular cultural events such as the world-famous Palio as well as many smaller Medieval festivals.

The ssla offers a variety of summer programs for all those who may not be able to attend our semester programs and yet have the desire to gain an understanding of our culture. Whether you are interested in the environment and how to affect change in sustainable practices, or you want to learn book restoration we are able to provide curious and motivated students with the appropriate academic tools to an in-depth exploration of our country's cultural heritage.

Come and take part in our Summer Programs!

Deaf Studies Programs

Whether you are a major in ASL or in deaf studies, or a professional working in the deaf and signing world in the States, the Siena School for Liberal Arts provides a number of academic courses that can guide the most interesting investigation of the Italian deaf world, its history and the most current issues which it is challenged by today.

Our exciting Deaf Studies summer programs offer signers an opportunity to engage in a Deaf-World that expands beyond America!

Food and Sustainability Studies

Combining elements of food studies, anthropology, literature and geography, the interdisciplinary nature of the course presents a dynamic approach to complex environmental problems.

Intensive Italian & Cultural Studies

The 4-week Intensive Italian program is open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

This program looks to expand students’ knowledge of the Italian language and culture through a variety of activities and approaches, and offers a chance to experience what it is like to learn and live abroad. Environment plays an important role in how we learn and our program gives you the chance to immerse yourself daily in the best of Italy!

Liberal Arts Programs

Come and take part in our Liberal Arts Summer Programs, where we offer intensive four-week courses in the Methods of Art Restoration, Book Art and Italian Art History! A 4 week immersive and hands-on experience of Italian culture will provide you with unique insight and true learning.


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