For students to apply for either the Fall or the Spring semester or the summer prorgams you must be in good academic standing (no less than 2.5 GPA or equivalent). Admission to our program is based on a holistic appraisal of your entire application packet. (See below for details on the application materials.)

All application materials must be received within the deadline stated for each program:

Spring semester deadline: Nov 1

Fall 2021 extended semester deadline: July 15 (normal Fall application deadline is April 30)

Deaf Studies summer program deadline: March 15

Other summer program deadline: April 1

Please note: although it is best to apply early, it may be possible to apply after these deadlines. Please CONTACT US for more information if you are interested to apply with a late application. 

Your online application includes:

  • Payment for a €40 Application fee (+€2 for paypal fees)

Application fee: €40 (+€2 for PayPal fees). This is a donation to a non profit association we support, the Mason Perkins Deafness Fund

  • Application Form. Please fill the respective forms:
  1. Applicants to the semester programs: Part 1 (General information)Part 2 (Housing)Part 3 (Course selection).
  2. Applicants to the summer deaf studies programs: Part 1 (General information)Part 2 (Housing)Part 3 (Program specifics).
  3. Applicatants to all other summer programs: Part 1 (General information)Part 2 (Housing)

  • Letter of Recommendation from 1 teacher who know you well. Please, fill this form.

  • Approval Form from your Study-Abroad Advisor. Please, fill this form.

  • 1 official copy of your current University Transcript from your home institution. To be send to:, or via regular mail, or fax.

  • Health Form from your Doctor. You can download it below.