Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Siena and the surrounding territory offer many interesting opportunities for study, exploration, service, and fun.

One or two days visits

Right outside the city, and easily reachable by bus, you can find some of the most magnificent countryside in Italy: the Chianti, famous for its wines, to the North and North-East; the Montagnola senese, a woody and wild area, to the West; the Crete Senesi (clay hills), to the south. Our strong suggestion is that you spend some time exploring the rest of Tuscany.

Where else can I go visit?

- Florence – 1.5 hours

- Pisa – 2 hours

- Lucca – 2 hours

- Castiglione della Pescaia (Beach) – 1.5 hours

- Rome – 3 hours

- Bologna – 3 hours

- Cinque Terre – 4.5 hours

- Venice – 5 hours

- Naples – 5 hours

- Milan – 5 hours

- Torino – 7 hours

Social and cultural volunteering in Siena

The Siena School is characterized by a strong social and cultural commitment that is expressed in a variety of ways. Our goal is for students to be aware of this commitment and to both enjoy and benefit from it. 

Through our Italian Language & Culture courses, you’ll have the opportunity to observe and think critically about various aspects of Italian life and culture.

It is also possible to do some volunteering in a non-academic way. The Siena School can provide the following possibilities with a number of local organizations and schools:

- working with the elderly-working in a day;

- centre for adults with psychiatric issues;

- playing in English with children in Italian families;

- assisting at a local soup kitchen;

- working at local animal shelters;

- assisting local associations working in issues of social justice;

- trail work with local outdoor clubs & environmental groups,

and many more…. just ask!

We encourage you to get involved early in one of these activities because it is our firm belief that this will enrich your whole abroad experience and that you will leave your own personal mark on the community.

Giving back is the best way of gaining!

Extracurricular activities

We often organize group activities to show you our favorite parts of Siena and the local territory. Here are some of our favorite activities, and approximately how much you should budget for them:

- Cooking class: 25 euro;

- A.C. Siena soccer game: 30 euro;

- Siena Basketball game: 15 euro;

- Wine tasting: 10 euro;

- Aqueducts visit: 10 euro;

- Hiking trip: 5 euro;

- Hot Springs: 25 euro;

- Rome day trip: 60 euro;

- Grape harvest/olive harvest: 5 euro;

- Concerts/theatre: 10 euro;

- Day trip in Tuscany: 35 euro;

- Aperitivo with Italian friends: 5 euro;

- Local Disco: 20 euro.