Summer at
Siena School for Liberal Arts

Food and Sustainability Studies

A dynamic approach to complex environmental problems!

We offer a 5-week summer program (150 hours): 2-week intensive academic (30 hours) plus 3 -week organic farm-stay internship (120 hours).

The initial 2-week intensive academic session focuses on an introduction to sustainability and food by exploring the impact of agriculture and food production not only on the environment but also on society, on both a global and local basis.

The whole food supply chain is analyzed: from cultivation methods (conventional, organic, bio-dynamic, permaculture) to food production (manufacturing, trade, distribution, life cycle assessment, waste) in order to acquire the theoretical tools to participate in current debates in the field of sustainability and to get prepared for the internship. Tuscany is a dynamic region to study agricultural practices, built upon historical farming traditions and leading the way to innovative approaches to sustainable living.

After the first two weeks, students then dive into their 3-week farm-stay experience. Students live and work full-time at an organic farm in the Siena province learning about agricultural practices through hands-on experience. Depending on the farm that you are placed in, your farm-stay may include some of the following: gardening, animal husbandry, the production of honey, olive oil, wine, and other Italian foods.

During the internship, students will meet each week with our faculty member who supervises their activities. Each student must keep a journal documenting their internship experiences and write a final paper reflecting upon how the practical experiences gained in their farm-stay correspond to topics of sustainability and environmental policy studied during the academic component of the program.

Accommodation is provided in apartments during the intensive course in Siena and in farms during the internship.

Program Cost: €2,000

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