Liberal Arts

Students with a true passion for Art, Art History, and Cultural Studies will appreciate our Liberal Arts Track. Liberal Arts Track from Siena School for Liberal Arts on Vimeo. It is impossible to...

Volunteering Abroad

If there has been any simple truth I have learned, it is that kids across the world are all pretty similar. They all run around crazily and say weird things. They all love meeting new teachers. There are...

Deaf Enterprise

Siena School for Liberal Arts รจ partner del progetto europeo Deaf Enterprise, che ha l'obiettivo di produrre contenuti formativi e informativi per persone sorde segnanti: video, interviste, risorse interattive, ...


Il Saloncino - A tea at the Opera

Every Sunday in November, from 3:30-5:30 at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, you can try tea from all over the world and get lessons in themes related to the Cathedral of Siena. This Sunday, November 19th,... read more

The 100 flute tribute to Salvatore Sciarrino

On November 18th, there will be a concert featuring 100 flutists coming together for the first time from Music Schools, Liceo Musicals, and Institutes of Higher Artistic Music Education. It's a tribute... read more