Il Gruppo Permacultura Siena e la Siena School for Liberal Arts organizzano un corso di progettazione in Permacultura di 72 ore, a partire da venerdì 26 maggio al 16 luglio 2017. Il corso è strutturato in ...


For students to apply for either the Fall or the Spring semester or the summer prorgams you must be in good academic standing (no less than 2.5 GPA or equivalent). Admission to our program is based on...

Corsi estivi di ASL 2017

Siena School for Liberal Arts, in collaborazione con MPDFonlus, propone anche per l'estate 2017 la sua offerta formativa estiva dedicata alla ASL - Lingua dei Segni americana. Due livelli – base, intermedio –...


World Drawing Day

Today is the Worldwide day for Drawing! Here at the Siena School and the Siena Art Institute, we are very excited about drawing. So excited, in fact, that we have been releasing a whole series of videos... read more

The Anniversary of the Liberation of Italy

Here in Italy, April 25th is a national holiday. Today we celebrate the anniversary of the Liberation of Italy from Nazifascism in 1945. Schools are closed, parades are organized, and people are in the... read more