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The Rose of the Winds

In tenth grade—a little while ago—we students were required to take a wonderful History course called something like “The Origins of Western Civilization.” Great stuff! Sumer, Egypt, Greece, the Etrusca...

The Artist in Transit

Traveling isn't always easy. For a student, it's tough to find the time, and for an art student, it's tougher to find the money. However, when you're afforded with the opportunity to fly across the Atlantic...


National Landscapes Day

Over 120 events have been planned today in museums all across Italy to celebrate the first edition of the National Landscapes day. Undersecretary Ilaria Borletti Buitoni said that the focus would be on... read more

Assisi, the First Field Trip of Spring 2017

On Friday, February 24th, students from both the Siena School and the Siena Art Institute embarked on the first field trip of the semester, to the historic city of Assisi! Assisi is best known for being... read more