Liberal Arts

Students with a true passion for Art, Art History, and Cultural Studies will appreciate our Liberal Arts Track. Liberal Arts Track from Siena School for Liberal Arts on Vimeo. It is impossible to...

Volunteering Abroad

If there has been any simple truth I have learned, it is that kids across the world are all pretty similar. They all run around crazily and say weird things. They all love meeting new teachers. There are...

Corsi estivi di ASL 2018

Conosci la Lis ma vorresti imparare la Lingua dei Segni americana? Siena รจ il posto giusto per te! Alla Siena School for Liberal Arts tornano i corsi di ASL (American Sign Language) con una formula ...


The art of potters

Follow events happening from Friday May 18th to the 24th, exploring the combination between the ancient art of the Sienese potters and the Contrada del Nicchio. Included is the exhibition opening of The... read more

Touch the Spirit

The exhibition Touch the Spirit by British artist Emma Sergeant is open now at the Museum of the Contrada della Tartuca, which is close to the Siena School! The exhibition is part of a series "On the roof... read more