Mariapia Rizzi

2015 - Present: European Project “SignTeach”: project for the creation of an open educational resource for Sign Language teachers. Representative for Siena School for Liberal Arts, Italian Partner.

2013 - Present: Freelance LIS interpreter: extensive experience in different settings, including: medical, entertainment, education, business/office meetings, government, university, training sessions, conferences, presentations, platform.

2013 - Present: LIS Interpreter at Starters, Siena Art Institute, Siena. A series of conferences with artists and creative professionals of international repute talking about art and culture.

2013 - Present: LIS Interpreter at I venerdì del Pendola, Mason Perkins Deafness Fund, Siena. A series of conferences with deaf and signers speakers of international repute talking about Deaf Culture, Linguistics and Education and Sign Language Interpretation 

2010 - Present: Project Coordinator, Mason Perkins Deafness Fund, Siena. Coordinating and conducting activities, programs and projects in a national and international setting.

2013 - 2014: European Project Signs2Cross: a Deaf-led EU project aimed at creating an online course for learning International Signs. Representative for Siena School for Liberal Arts, Italian Partner.