Forthcoming Updates for 2021 Deaf Studies Summer Courses

We are waiting to confirm plans for our summer 2021 Deaf Studies courses until mid or late April 2021.  We are currently exploring 2 possibilities for the summer 2021 Deaf-Studies program: a 2 week course in the second and third week of August, as well as a possible online LIS course (which could prepare students for our 2022 summer program) 

The current obstacle is the requirement for 2-week quarantines for students arriving to Italy from the US and other non-EU countries.

However, there is encouraging news that "covid-free" flights with Delta between the US and Italy may be expanding beyond the current "trial" stage. Here is a recent news article about the expected expansion of "covid-free" flights between the US and Italy:  This is a program that Delta has been testing in "trial stages" since December 2020.

Current restrictions can be seen designated by nationality using this portal of the Italian Health Ministry
Further details regarding current travel restrictions in Italy can be found here. 

Again, we will wait to confirm our Summer 2021 Deaf Studies plans until in mid-to-late April, and our application deadline could possibly be extended to late May. We will follow up with further details as soon as more updates are be available.