National Landscapes Day

Over 120 events have been planned today in museums all across Italy to celebrate the first edition of the National Landscapes day.

Undersecretary Ilaria Borletti Buitoni said that the focus would be on  "the landscape that is no longer just green hills, but the context in which a community lives, which can also be an urban one or one that requires rehabilitation. The attention today should be even greater so that attacks on them - uncontrolled and rather irremediable - no longer happen. The day will show this as well as the unifying thread of actions that carefully protect and are at the service of all, since our landscape is the heritage of Italian citizens and it can only be protected through a network of public and private bodies, local agencies, associations and individuals."

In Siena, the local branch of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage organizes two events:

- Dall'immaginazione all'immagine: il paesaggio nel linguaggio cinematografico by Architect Giordano Gasperoni, about cinema and landscape;

- Ridisegnare il paesaggio: il "caso diffuso" dell'arte ambientale in Toscana, by Dr. Gianni Tinacci about the peculiarities of the Tuscan landscape.