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First Impression

My first impressions of Siena were all of awe. I am still fascinated with the views of the Duomo that I see from my host mom’s apartment. Each day it changes slightly, depending on the time of day and the weather. I was most fascinated by the streets of Siena and the buildings that line them.

On the first week of class, Lisa took us on a small tour of Siena and recounted some of the history of this old, beautiful city. I was struck by how old the city itself is, yet it still looks breathtaking. I love that this city is on the smaller side, as large cities make me uncomfortable. I am so grateful that on the streets it is mostly locals, and few study abroad students. This makes it feel like a true immersion in Italian life.

Another perk that made Siena even better from the moment I got there is that there are dogs everywhere! And of all sizes. Seeing these wonderful animals on the streets with their owners makes the city more homey. I’m very excited for the next few months here in Siena!

Anya Ivenitsky

Siena School For Liberal Arts