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This is a segment of interviews with the students of Siena School for Liberal Arts. Our interns sat down with students individually and created a question and answer format conversation about their time in Siena and being part of the school. Read on to check out our new mini series!

Question & Answer Interview with fall student Kate from Siena Art Institute and Siena School


1.What did you expect when studying abroad in Siena?

I expected to encounter a deep sense of history and culture while refining my artistic practice. 

2.How does it compare now that you are living here?

Siena is such a special place- the daily experience of living here has created an unexpected vocabulary and host of memories that I didn't anticipate. 

3.What are your hopes and goals during your time in Siena?

I hope to take advantage of the tremendous artistic resources of the city, and to create aesthetic memories that remain with me throughout my creative life.

4.What are the most valuable things you have learned so far?

I am the only constant in my own life- meaning even as I travel, remember places that I have been, or think of places I wish to go, I always carry perspective of my own vision. I am learning to be at home in the way I see the world.

5.What do you hope to take away from this experience?

I hope to take away a deeper understanding of painting.