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Two-City Excursion

Students recently went on a two-city excursion with professor Roberto around Siena. The first stop was the Tuscan city Cortona. This famous hill town can be spotted as the setting for novel and movie Under the Tuscan Sun. Tucked up high in the hills; it is almost located over Trasimeno Lake. We first stopped here and visited the incredible viewpoints in all angles of the city. As we made our way into the town, we were able to visit the main piazza and church where we learned all the history behind this special place.  After there was free time to explore, drink a coffee or eat a gelato. 

Our next destination was Arezzo, which is well known for being the set of the famous movie La vita è bella/Life, is beautiful, by the Oscar winner Roberto Benigni. Before the tour of the city began, we were able to have a delicious picnic in a beautiful park. This park was located where you could see many views around Arezzo. After lunch, the tour began with a few beautiful churches. One interesting part was when we saw peculiar sculptures that have been a part of Santa Maria della Pieve Church for eight centuries. We discovered that this Tuscan city has Etruscan and Roman origins. After our time in these two beautiful Tuscan cities, we had an amazing sunset and view of the Tuscan hills on the way back to Siena.