Continuing Education

Continuing Education

The Siena School for Liberal Arts is pleased to offer an extended program of summer activities, with a calendar of week-long continuing-education courses exploring the culture, history, and art of the Tuscan territory.

These summer courses are focused on specific subjects to discover:

Our home base will be the Siena School for Liberal Arts, located in the historic city center of Siena. However, in these week-long programs we will have as our classrooms and textbooks the stunning territory of Tuscany and its wealth of cultural treasures. Each day has a rich program of excursions, visiting a variety of historic structures, archaeological sites, and museums.  

The programs will be led by the professors of the Siena School for Liberal Arts, and are open to participants of all ages.

There is no prerequisite to participate, just a curiosity to explore and an enthusiasm for discovering new knowledge! We will be sure to have a lot of fun during our week-long summer programs, but we will also engage in serious learning; going beyond the surface level to reach more complex understandings of the multi-layered history and culture of Tuscany.

Schedule for upcoming programs:

- Tuscan Hill Towns: June 5-12; or July 3-10; or July 31-August 7.

- Castles and Ruins: June 12-19; or July 10-17; or August 7-14.

- Convents and Abbeys: June 19-26; or July 17-24; or August 14-21.

- Discovering the Etruscans: June 26-July 3; or July 24-31; or August 21-28.

If you would like to arrange an alternative/personalized schedule, please contact


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