Jeff Shapiro

My love affair with fiction did not begin as a sudden explosion. First passion took the form of non-fiction writing related to my work in the field of family violence. In time I came to believe that fictionalizing often has a magical way of revealing truths far subtler than those reported by writing that sets out to be objective and factual.

Since moving to Italy in 1991, I have discovered that teaching and writing make for perfect companion professions. Though teaching English as a second language holds intriguing intellectual rewards, nothing can compare with the pure pleasure of teaching Creative Writing. I consider myself amazingly fortunate to teach this subject at the Siena School for Liberal Arts (since 2002) and its partner institution the Siena Art Institute. Never have I found a happier, livelier, warmer, more stimulating or compassionate environment.

I’m in love, too, with living in Italy, the patria of human nature, as historian William Heywood called it. Italy is also the homeland of my wife, Valeria.